Remembering the Good Times

Remembering the Good Times
Posted on 05/11/2018

Hello, my name is Alex Rodriguez and I have been at Jo Byrns for 13 years. My kindergarten teacher was Ms. Katie, who organized cookie day for our class. My favorite teacher at JBES was Mr. Worsham because his wife was the computer teacher, so we would get extra computer time. When we moved to the middle school, I remember that in Mrs. Tucker's 7th grade English class, a fellow student stepped on a mouse and she cried about it. One of my favorite memories is freshman year in Mr. Ross's algebra I class; he would sell us pop tarts and honey buns in order to buy us more. Another memory I have of high school is I had the opportunity to take AFJROTC all eight semesters of high school. These memories have encompassed my education in Cedar Hill, TN, and I am thankful for all of the teachers I've had and friends I've made along the way. As a final project in Ms. Gentry's class (whom I love), I was able to interview former teachers, alumni, current students and faculty on why they really like Jo Byrns. Here is just a sample of what makes this place great 

Many people appreciate Jo Byrns because of its small, close-knit community. Dennis Vincent, class of 1998, "liked it because the school was a small school, with 950 kids K-12 grades." Hannah Joyce who is also graduating this year, says, "We are also a family and we always know that we can count on each other." Several current teachers like Mrs. Mayo and Ms. Shearron, and alumni Donna McEwing and Farrah Lopez, also appreciated the small town feel of JBHS. Marissa Pryor, class of 2017, says, "I think some things I liked about Jo Byrns was the friendliness of most of the teachers and the staff, homeroom competition, and how the teachers and staff really tried to get to know you since we were so small." 

Another positive aspect of the JB community is in the small things that make school better. Many of the coaches here have been here many years and have coached some of their previous students' sons and daughters. Fulton Earheart, who is graduating in 2019, says that he loves playing baseball here. Kelly Field, who is also graduating this year, says, "I like how everybody in the community comes out to support football, basketball, and baseball games because we are so small. It’s a tradition and family thing." Even the food here used to be good. Cortney Jackson, class of 1998, says, "The pizza was awesome... It was the square pizza." 

As my thirteen years come to an end today, I know that these memories will stay with me and help me contribute back to this community that has done so much for me. I thank my mother for always making me come to school, even if I didn't want to.  

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